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Water Stain Remover 500g

Water Stain Remover 500g


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SKU: TBCR-500500


Klearvu Water Stain Remover safely removes water spots and water stains you'll never remove with other glass cleaner or shower cleaners. Klearvu water Stain remover also removes stains on stainless stell, chrome, ceramic tiles, porcelain and other hard to clean surfaces.


Glass Showers


Tried everything to get rid of those unsightly water stains? Klearvu Water Stain Remover is 100% naturally organic, safe to use and it works. Then protect your clean shower glass from developing new hard-to-remove water spots with one of ROBCO's nanotech glass protectants


Stainless Steel


Klearvu Water Stain Reomver will bring your tired looking stainless steel fittings, sinks, shower trays back to life by removing sater spots and stains other product can't.


Tiles & Ceramics


No more stained tiles when you have Klearvu Water Stain Remover on hand. Your ceramic stove top is easliy cleaned. Klearvu is great for cleaning ceramic and porcelain.

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