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ONIX 25mm Square Horizontal Adjustable Joiner

ONIX 25mm Square Horizontal Adjustable Joiner

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ROBCO Adjustable Horizontal Joiner easily fits into our 25mm Square Cap Rail for installation on variable angles without welding.

ONIX by ROBCO is the revolutionary new electroplated matte black finish developed using advanced technology, it’s a finish that ensures high quality and durability.

The electroplated finishes involve electrical current processes to form a coherent metal coating, where electroplating essentially changes the existing surface properties of an object, to which layers are added to increase abrasion and wear resistance.


Technical Details

  • Manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel
  • The use of T-REX Crystal Clear achieves a secure and permanent bond
  • 316L Low Carbon Stainless Steel
  • No Welding Required
  • Connects to our 25mm Square Cap Rail

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